BLITZKRIEG - Apeal / Who Is To Blame? (COLOURED VINYL) 7" + P/S (NEW) (P)

BLITZKRIEG - Apeal / Who Is To Blame? (COLOURED VINYL) 7" + P/S (NEW) (P)

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Blitzkrieg was formed in late 1984, just as punk and HC in Zagreb was in decline and needed a band that would breathe life into the scene. It was just what Blitzkrieg did and soon became the new punk attraction and known even outside of Zagreb.

I first came in contact with Blitzkrieg was when they played with Angelic Upstarts in Zagreb 1985. I had never heard them before, and the concert was beyond all expectations.  Unfortunately this Blitzkrieg's performance was not recorded. They delivered a strong musical performance this evening, but also the visual memories became overwhelming.

I remember how the guys stepped out on the smoke covered stage in the small sweat-smelling club and grabbed hold of it with enormous confidence. This especially applies to the singer. With his short blond hair, black clothes all as if he was plucked from some post-apocalyptic movie he screamed out the words as if they were the truest of prophecies.

Shortly after that the band recorded their first demo. Just as with their visual performance I became transfixed with their music.

Even though I’ve never liked listing and grading different music, I have to admit that their demo has always been high ranking in my mind, among things recorded in ex-Yu. Songs “Apel” and “Tko je kriv” have remained given punk evergreen hits.

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