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Helmed by Chris Pope, The Chords UK are delighted to announce the release of their second studio album ‘Nowhere Land’ on CD and LP formats on EPOP records via PLEDGE Music on 21 September 2018. This alt-rock album features 12 songs, including lead track ‘Hipsters Of London’, all written by Chris Pope, and was co-produced by renowned producer/engineer Pat Collier and the band. The line-up of The Chords UK features Chris Pope [lead vocals and guitar], Mic Stoner [Bass and Backing Vocals], Kenny Cooper [Drums / Percussion] and Sandy Michie [Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals]. There will be an album launch show at the 100 Club on 7 September 2018: the band’s last show there in 2016 was completely sold out.

Chris Pope was described by Paul Weller as “The best Songwriter of his Generation,” cited by Uncut as “Savage as Townshend with Toothache” and had his songs hailed by Mojo as, “Perceptive, razor sharp vignettes on the British way of life”.  Record collector called him, “One of his generation’s most gifted songwriters”, and Vive Le Rock described him as a “well-respected voice of contemporary rock ‘n’ roll”.

Chris Pope has released three very well-regarded solo albums: ‘Grace Of God’, ‘Tall Tales & Cheap Thrills’ and ‘Peace of Mind’.  He was also the chief songwriter/guitarist of the highly regarded late 70’s Power Pop act The Chords, who originally released several singles between 1979-81 plus one solitary album which reached the Top 30.  They performed their second single ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ on TOTP in 1980. Their debut album ‘So Far Away’ made the Top 30 in May 1980, bracketed by further singles.  The band headlined at London’s legendary Marquee Club and recorded the first of their BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions in early July 1979.

Forming The Chords UK in 2012 to continue playing the likes of ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, ‘So Far Away’, ‘The British Way of Life’, but also developing a sound with a contemporary harder edge, Chris Pope and the band have rediscovered that magic touch so evident on his solo work.  New material from their first album, 2016’s ‘Take On Life’, and now, of course, ‘Nowhere Land’ also grace the live set.  The band has played Rebellion Festival and gigged with The Skids and Buzzcocks in recent years.  The new album is packed with wry observations and acidic commentary, making ‘Nowhere Land’ a truly contemporary work in which Chris Pope doesn’t pull his punches.


1-Nowhere Land-

2-The Most Important Man-

3-Our World-

4-Gentrified the Elephant-

5-Dog Day Afternoon-

6-Los in the Plot-

7-Hipsters of London-

8-These Bad Times-

9-21st Century Blues-

10-All I Want is Everything-

11-Lived to Tell the Tale-

12-One Last Shot at the Title-

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