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Demob`s "If It Ain`t Punk It Don't Rock" Album. Demob is a 1978 street punk rock band from Gloucester UK formed in 1978 by Terry Elcock and Johnny Melfah. The 3 years initially together saw 2 vinyl 45rpm singles Anti Police and No Room For You on Round Ear Records and inclusion on the first Punk and Disorderly Album compilation released on Abstract Records. If It Ain't Punk It Don't Rock CD Album, is third album release by Demob in 2004. This album has old songs they`d wrote in 1978 but didn`t get around to record and release and also new songs they`d written since their reformation in 2002. Unusually the album was also recorded in two different recording studios Lansdown Studios in Cheltenham and FFG Studios Tewkesbury why this was done was because the band said they didn`t like they guys is one of the studios.

Comes with lyricsheet & band story


A1--One More Man Is Dead

A2--Riot Squad

A3--No Way Out

A4--It's You

A5--Big Brother

A6--What You Fighting For

A7--The Colours

B1--Crime Through Time

B2--I Can't Get An Answer

B3--Pain In The Arse

B4--Billy No Mates

B5--Stand Up And Be Counted


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