DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT, THE - A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine CD (NEW) (M)

DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT, THE - A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine CD (NEW) (M)

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A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine is the second album by The Dolly Rocker Movement and it was originally released on CD in 2006 on the Australian label Off The Hip..

The Dolly Rocker Movement do far more than pass The Acid Test on this their first of two albums in one year, "A Purple Journey Into The Mod," where with dancing eyes and enchanting lysergic lyrics they swirl, soar, and expand the mystic boundaries of the psychedelic scene that was laid down in the mid sixties, infiltrating your wayward mind with layered textures and visionary emotions, and it’s all due a production complexity that is brilliant, tight and well considered.

One of the first things you notice is the stylish conjuring luminescent environment into which The Dolly Rocker Movement invite you ... making it plain from the get go, that they’re happy to have you stay as long as you like. Each song has not only been sonically considered, but so have the song placements, creating a soundscape that moves with fluid motions, with songs never stumbling over each other, tracking in a sequence that is as much a visionary wonder as it is a delight for your ears ... sounding for all the world as if they’ve stepped out of the golden era of psychedelic music, yet wholly original and effortless.

The Dolly Rocker Movement will be the first to tell you that they’ve come to psychedelia through the use of mind altering substances, though they’ve made a concerted effort to lay the music on top of those experiences instead of meshing those experiences with the music, where things can get muddied, heading off in too many directions, and often with too many effects. That being said, The Dolly Movement sound is fresh and enticing ... a sheer pleasure to sit down with, close your eyes, light a candle, and let the moon guide you through the night.


1-Enter The Mod Machine

2-For Those Teary Eyes

3-Yell It Like It Is

4-Gypsy Dancer

5-My Friend

6-The Wiser Road

7-Follow The Sound

8-I Can See Through Orange

9-Get Up Au Go-Go

10-Hers And Mine

11-For Those Smiling Eyes

12-Cross Wired

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