DOLLHOUSE - The Royal Rendezvous CD (NEW) (M)

DOLLHOUSE - The Royal Rendezvous CD (NEW) (M)

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Swedish revivalist DOLLHOUSE bring in action a terrifying mix of STOOGES, MC5, JAMES BROWN and whoever dirty, groovy, rocking musician you can imagine. They got the guts, the chops, the riffs. From the Jimi Hendrix inspired “Lets get it on” to the MC5 fueled opening track ‘Rock n roll fever” they manage to give a breath of fresh ir to a music that has sounded so dated from so many of their contemporaries. At their case the driving rhythm section is the motivating force to create a wild rock n roll circus and bring rockers and pop fans in a crazy party, with their music as the background.


1-The Rock & Soul Fever-

2-Let's Get It On-

3-Living Tomorrow-

4-With My Heart & Soul-

5-Do You Know What I Mean-

6-Dead Man's Hand-

7-The Worried Blues-

8-Hard To Change-

9-I Just Don't Care-

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