Product no.: DR078DL

Get ready to have your head blown off by this awesome new release from Fast Cars!!!

Following on from the phenomenally successful ‘Coming...Ready Or Not!’ album, we have got another 2 slabs of prime UK Power-Pop for ya. On the A-side we give you ‘Best Friend’, a new track written and recorded in 2002 that shows the Power-Pop / Pop-Punk groups of today just how it’s done! Clocking in at a little over 2 minutes and full of angst and melody this track is worth the price of the single alone. But wait! What’s that on the B-side? Why, it’s only ‘Here We Are Today’, an ultra rare and totally unreleased track from 1980! Yep, we’ve unearthed another great studio track from the band and it’s just as good as anything on the ‘Coming...Ready or Not!’ release.

And just look at the pic on the top of this page! It all comes on a VERY attractive picture disc! WE SPOIL YOU, WE REALLY DO....


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