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Detour Records ARE Pleased to announce the next release in their popular Picture Disc series.. As these three tracks were from the Mid 80s we have decided to add the following caption to our The Classic '79 Mod Series...The Next Generation.

Detour Records feels that the 80s Mod scene has been overlooked somewhat so we feel this needs to be rectified and what a way to start by one of the leading lights who were were very active within the Mod seen in the 80s. The Threads were aligned to the Mod scene and wore their hearts on their sleeves.

Paul Hooper-Keeley remembers...

‘Hey Little Lady’ was recorded at the Slaughterhouse Studios in Driffield and was test pressed as the A-side of a 7” & 12” single by Prism records that was scheduled for release in early 1987 but never saw the light of day. This is the full 12” version. ‘Man With 1,000 Faces’ was recorded at The Blue Room next to The Oval on FA Cup Final day in 1987 and was originally released on the ‘Unicorn Two - Modern Times’ compilation. ‘With Ourselves’ was recorded for Eddie Piller’s Countdown Compilation series. When the Prism deal fell apart, all 3-tracks were recalled by The Threads and featured on their ‘As Yet Untitled’ LP on Unicorn Records in 1987.

Once again, ONLY 300 Copies pressed!


Hey Little Lady

The Man With A Thousand Faces

With Ourselves

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