FAST CARS - Coming ... Ready or Not DOWNLOAD

FAST CARS - Coming ... Ready or Not DOWNLOAD

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Fast Cars were one of the most underrated bands from the Manchester scene in the late 70's. They played with XTC, The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Fall, The Rezillos and supported The Jam. Their brilliant debut single ‘The Kids Just Wanna Dance’ picked up daytime Radio One play and they were almost signed by The Jam’s A&R man at Polydor. Of course, the music industry has a nasty habit of turning it’s back on some great bands and sadly this is what happened, in the early 80's the band split disillusioned with all the bullshit that the industry was throwing up.

Fast forward 20 years...

A phenomenal UK Power-Pop single appears on the collectors market - it’s Fast Cars!!! Soon the value rockets to £150.00 for a copy and all around the world the band are being hailed as the kings of UK Power-Pop (the band are oblivious to all of this). Well, we here at Detour are famed for finding these obscure bands and once more we’ve got the goods!! After extensive research we found the band and discovered that they had a plethora of unreleased material. This material was too good to remain unreleased for long so here it is now - 16 tracks (17 on the CD) of the best, most powerful and catchy UK Power-Pop you will ever hear. The album features re-recordings of some of the bands great early tracks (to give them that new POWER that was missing from the basic original recordings) alongside original unreleased tracks from the late 70's. All in all it adds up to one exciting package for all you lovers of everything POWER-POP!!! The packaging is awesome, with LOADS of rare and unreleased photos, plus liner notes from Radio One DJ Mark ‘Lard’ Riley (who was in a formative line-up of the band - then called ‘The Sirens’)

The band are now back in action and are heading over to play two gigs in Tokyo, Japan towards the end of July (that’s after a homecoming show in Manchesters ‘Band On The Wall’).

You better believe it - Fast Cars are coming ...... READY OR NOT!!!


1-Images Of You-

2-Tameside Girls-

3-What Can I Do?-

4-You're So Funny-

5-Everyday I Make Another Mistake-

6-Bombed Our School-

7-Modern Day Romance-

8-Things You Do-


10-I'm All Right-

11-Please, Please, Please-

12-I Won't Be Coming Home-

13-Looking For Something-

14-Marching As To War-

15-The Kids Just Wanna Dance-

16-Suffragette City-

17-This Old Heart Of Mine-


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