EMPTIFISH - Sonic Love CD (NEW) (M)

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Well here it is.... The album that everyone has been waiting for.... You could say this was the bands debut album as the previous one we released was a BEST OF... Here you get TWELVE newly recorded tracks that has EMPTIFISH stamped all over it and on TOP of that, the legend that is known as RAT SCABBIES plays drums on four of the tracks! You will be DAMNED mad to miss out on this little beauty plus it all comes housed in an attractive DIGI-PAK with the front cover being painted my MR. SONIC himself and all put together by 'Hand Pulled In Pompey'. Some come on lads and lasses.... You know you want it!

This is 'Steve Lemaq' favourite band on his alphabet of favourite records . E is for Emptifish. Only band to have a pie named after them. Emptifish pie @ pie & vinyl in Southsea...


Bad Girl


I Hate You

Jesus From Venus

Loake Boots

Long Long Time

Oh Honey

Party On The Beach

Psychedelic Surfer Girl

Why Why Why

Hey Hey Hey

Let Love In (Bhagwan Mix)

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