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Well the boys are back on the road.... Old London Based Mods have dusted all their old instruments off and are doing what they love once again! It's been 30 years since their last vinyl offering came out which was the brilliant "Good Lovin'".

Back in the day, they released three brilliant singles and were one of the top Mod bands on the scene with fans all over the world. Then in 1997, Detour Records released a retrospective album to honour the bands back catalogue along with another long lost Mod band from the same era, 007 which both Wood brothers were in.

Well, fast forward 30 years and the band have ventured into the studio once again and laid down 4 new tracks. Well, I say new, some are old tracks from 1985 but were never recorded and have the same formula and structure that made the band such a hit at the time. However, the new penned tracks are as good and as powerful as the older tracks...

The sleeve has been done by the talented Marty Street who most of you will know with all this artwork that he has done over the year!

Tracks featured are … Safety in numbers / Money and comfort / When the curtain falls / It’s your life.

 Trust me, you won’t be disappointed…….

 Only 200 copies pressed and they won’t last long!

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