DRUG FREE YOUTH - The Avocado Index CD (NEW) (M)

DRUG FREE YOUTH - The Avocado Index CD (NEW) (M)

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Drug Free Youth's second album 'The Avocado index' takes the bedroom Brian Wilson pop psych to a cavernous, sci-fi influenced, Phil Spector of the month level. Building bridges from the '60s to the '90s and then infinity by bending time with walls of echo, reverb and distortion, plus some terrific spaced out Farfisa playing, wise use of theremin and mini compact keys interludes 'Drug Free Youth' in this album finally achieves to deconstruct space and time in a way that makes sci-fi sound like a kids joke compared to the insanely beautiful landscapes of outer space exploration created here. Only 300 copies made on the 'Nowhere Street' label.


1-Pulsating Yellow Heart

2-Faces From The Past

3-Miniature Ninjas

4-The Mysteries Of Life: Ms Abigeil Doe

5-Bonus Beats

6-The Broken Circle


8-Thieves Of Forgotten Dreams

9-Σύννεφα Από Καραμέλα

10-Doppelgänger Love


12-A Cat

13-Sans Marker


15-A Voice Repeats


17-Surveillance Alphabet


19-The Future


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