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For the past decade or so, the Eddies have reaped universal acclaim with their perfectly punchy pop rock tunes. Consisting of twin brothers Dale (vocals, guitar) and Dean (vocals, bass) Hoth, and Len Curiel on drums, the Southern California based band also features the multi-instrumental talents of famed producer Earl Mankey. Culled from cuts off the group’s trio of previous studio albums, Best Of The Eddies locks in as an ideal introduction for virgin listeners as well as long time fans who aspire to collect everything the group releases.

Fueled by a stirring synthesis of penetrating hooks, bubbly harmonies and danceable rhythms, Best Of The Eddies updates Mod inspired new wave inspirations with tact and taste. Jingly jangly guitars, plucked with melodic finesse, further characterize the economically energized songs. Numbers such as “Queen Of Hearts,” “Why Doesn’t Anybody Call Me,” “I Want You And I Want You,” “Make Your Dreams Come True” and “All Alone” illuminate the band’s forte for writing songs that are tautly structured and project purity and passion. A cooking cover of “Stranger In The House” (originally done by the Little Murders) reels and rolls to the foot-tapping beat of ska sounds, while a treatment of Squire’s “Debbie Jones” resides in sunshine psychedelic pop territory and a remake of the Jetset’s “Colour My World” shimmers and shines with joyous vibrancy.

Busy as always, the Eddies are in the process of recording a brand new album and will also be staging an appearance on a Knack tribute offering. Here’s a band that believes in the power of catchy pop rock and the happiness it brings people. Therefore, Best Of The Eddies will yield grins galore. Prepare to pogo and play air guitar!

– Beverly Paterson

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