FAITHFUL BROTHERS, THE (feat. Carmi Shimron) - Downtown, Uptown 7" + CS (NEW) (M)

FAITHFUL BROTHERS, THE (feat. Carmi Shimron) - Downtown, Uptown 7" + CS (NEW) (M)

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Meet the Faithful Brothers from Tel Aviv, Israel. Their blend of Northern Soul and authentic 60s Rhythm & Blues will get you moving. Featuring members of the Tel Aviv Soul Club and Men of North Country..

Coming through with some storming late 60s vibes, The Faithful Brothers have taken the Soul scene by storm! This sweet little 7" is like a time-machine back to the days when freedom and hedonism were something to be taken seriously. The group, a new outfit emanating from Germany, launch on the exciting Elb Digger imprint to give the label another fine addition to their increasingly zesty catalogue. "Downtown, Uptown" features Carmi Shimron and her magnetic voice riding high above a sea of fast drum rolls and a vintage soul groove for the lovers; "Night Man" has a bit more of a crescendo to it and, driven by less vocals than the A-side, the tune revels in its horns and brass, retaining that sun-kissed the 60s feel with a bit more of a jazzy twist.



–The Faithful Brothers feat. Carmi Shimron

Downtown, Uptown



–The Faithful Brothers

Night Man


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