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Original Uk release on the 'Parliment' label from 2013.

“This valve amp, treble-to-the-max rave-up would have had the mid-’60s Who or Pretty Things bricking it backstage at the Embassy Club” Mark Paytress (Mojo)

“This sharp, angular, melodic garage-pop will doubtless appeal to the same authenticity-starved youngsters who have made Billy Childish their king” Stewart Lee (Sunday Times)

“Simple songs for complex people” The Fallen Leaves

Following the success of previous albums “That’s Right” (2009), and “It’s Too Late Now” (2008) London’s very own Garage Punk group THE FALLEN LEAVES return with their thrilling third album reflectively titled “If Only We’d Known”. With their trademark mix of irony and wistfulness Rob Green and Rob Symmons have penned 10 terrific new Leaves numbers on another superb album.

If Only We’d Known” kicks off with razor sharp track “Against the Grain”. Taking its title from Huysmans “À rebours” (19th century France’s ultimate example of decadent literature) – it is an irresistible tale of heartbreak and regret. “Always More” gives a nod to Buzzcocks’ “Boredom” (in Symmons’ crunching guitar strikes) and Roxy Music’s “All I Want is You” and continues the theme of dissatisfaction with persuasive vocals. Other standout tracks include “Girls In A Trance” – originally written in 1979; this is a one-take fast and furious recording of feverish intensity featuring Green’s excellent vocal crooning about wishful thinking and wanting. The strident “Maybe That’s it” conjures Shel Talmy in its production and catchy choruses, and “Passing By” features Symmons’ unique and searing guitar thrills to the max (think Subway Sect’s “Don’t Split It”) as well as wailing harmonica and piano (a recurring solitary note). If James Bond were to be directed by Quentin Tarantino, penultimate track “I Made a Mistake” (a live Leaves favourite) would be the perfect theme tune; slinking and shifting as it does between twisted jazz stalking/“Feeling Good” vibe verses and unravelling into explosive psychotic choruses. “War Memorial” begins with the “Last Post” bayoneted by Fender feedback and launching into “Louie Louie” guitar riffs with post war, (tongue in cheek) life affirming vocals; “I said baby, the war drove me crazy” for this up beat rousing album closer. As always, a taut and driven rhythm section supports the dynamism of Symmons, along with Rob Green and that tambourine.

THE FALLEN LEAVES formed in 2004 by Rob Green (Club Left/Vic Godard’s Subway Sect), and Rob Symmons (founding member original Subway Sect; 1976-78). Rob Symmons’ distinctive discordant, stinging guitar sound was a defining feature of the original Subway Sect, which he formed with best mate Vic Godard. Memorably Subway Sect’s debut gig was at the historic “100 Club Punk Rock Special” in September 1976, where they kicked off the first night, followed by their inspirations the Sex Pistols, and The Clash. Subway Sect was one of the most innovative groups to emerge from the festival. Their first single “Nobody’s Scared” was released in March 1978, but by the time their second single “Ambition” came out (December 1978), Bernie Rhodes (manager for Subway Sect/The Clash) had persuaded the ambitious Godard to sack the rest of the group, despite them playing on such an acclaimed record. “Ambition” went straight to the top of the indie charts, selling 20,000 copies in a week, and staying there for nine weeks. The now-mythical Subway Sect LP recorded in 1978 was never released, the tapes presumably lost forever. The essence of that original Subway Sect sound can still be heard in Symmons’ guitar playing with The Fallen Leaves.


1--Against The Grain

2--Always More

3--Ancient & Modern

4--Girls In A Trance

5--Glorious Vain

6--Maybe That's It

7--I Can Make Your Hair Grow

8--Passing By

9--I Made A Mistake

10--War Memorial


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