FICTION, THE - Negative Fun CD (NEW) (P)

FICTION, THE - Negative Fun CD (NEW) (P)

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Recorded in 1978 by the band that went on to record Things Will Be Different/ Take Me I'm Yours and then become Little Murders. The Fiction were one of the first punk bands in a scene that consisted of the Boys Next Door, The Negatives, The News and maybe 3 more. Recorded onto cassette. Very raw. Includes 8 page booklet that tells the story of the Fiction.

Almost 40 years ago, a group of young punks were practising for their first gig ever. They decided to tape the rehearsal even though they had no bass player. They thought they sounded good and they wanted to hear it. What they captured was raw and explosive. And it was the dawn of punk rock in Melbourne. The band was The Fiction. This is the tape!

The Fiction at the time was Rob Griffiths, Rob Wellington and Vic Bolger. It was recorded in a factory in Nunawading. Right next to the railway line.
The Fiction went on to play the Crystal Ballroom , Bernhardts and support bands like the Boys Next Door and News. They were a great live act. They found a bass player. They ended their career recording Things Will Be Different on Au Go Go Records. But by then the band was over. So the single was released under the new name Little Murders. That was Rob Griffiths' band. Rob Wellington formed the International Exiles. Vic joined Dorian Grey. They would never be as noisy as on this first recording, put down one night in early 1978.
Enjoy this album. Play it loud. Get some Negative Fun!


1.-Robot Love


3.-Nothing To Do In The City

4.-Subterranean City

5.-State Of Execution

6.-Public Eye

7.-Victimless Crime

8.-Whose Side Are You On?

9.-Happy Just To Dance

10.-Negative Fun

11.-She's One Of My Three Stooges

12.-Boytown Boys

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