FIRE EXIT - Keep Clear : Volume 1 (RED VINYL) LP (NEW) (P)

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Detour Records Off-Shoot label "Only Fit For The Bin" are delighted to announch that 40 Years Of Fire Exit which came out as a double CD a few years ago is being re-pressed as a two set LP. Volume 1 is out next week and is pressed on RED VINYL. PLEASE NOTE, ONLY 250 Copies have been pressed and the band have sold 200 copies of this advance to their loyal supporters. So this means that we ONLY have 50 Copies available..... SO DON'T DELAY!


Side 1

1, Let The Show Begin

2, The Things People Do

3, Going Crazy

4, Trust

5, Religion Is The Biggest Cause Of War

6, United & Strong

7, Changing

8, As Long As Were Alive

Side 2

9, Timewall

10, Wheelchair Outa Control

11, We’re All Together (Part 1)

12, Runaway

13, Strangeways

14, Death Boredom 

15, We’re Gona Drink

16, Talking Bout Myself

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