GEE STRINGS, THE - A Bunch Of Bugs CD (NEW) (P)

GEE STRINGS, THE - A Bunch Of Bugs CD (NEW) (P)

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The Gee Strings bash out 12 nostalgic cuts of classic '78 - '80 US punk on their new album ‘A Bunch Of Bugs’. These guys take cues from some of the greats like the Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, Avengers and add a healthy dose of Radio Birdman-ish guitar fury. On ‘A Bunch Of Bugs’ they tear through 12 primal cuts of snarling punk rock accentuated by Ingi's rough n raspy voice that’s always been a unique dynamic of the band. She doesn't go for the sexy, sultry delivery that most female front-woman opt for. She belts it out with her own unique gravelly, femme-snarl ala Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex) and Mia Zapata (The Gits) that's really become the cornerstone of the Gee Strings sound for the last two decades. And her vocals strongly compliment Bernadette's signature Tek, Thunders, Chrome guitar slashing style that embodies the Gee Strings rough around the edges sound. You can totally imagine songs like 'Let's Make Up And Screw' blaring out of the rickety, disheveled speakers of Max's Kansas City in 1978, and they back that tune up with 11 more like minded young, loud and snotty gems! Totally fun disc if you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned bands. Recommend.


1-Something's Ringing (In My Head)-

2-I'm Blanking-

3-Just Head-

4-Bad Luck For You-

5-Bumping Along-

6-Go Skid Rock-

7-Let's Make Up & Screw-

8-Dirt Track-

9-A Bunch Of Bugs-

10-Love Shock-

11-So Messed Up-

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