GRAVEMEN, THEE - Monster Blues (Red Wax) LP (NEW) (M)

GRAVEMEN, THEE - Monster Blues (Red Wax) LP (NEW) (M)

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Two englishmen living in Malmoe/Sweden - Lee Tea of The Branded and Daz Trash of Skitzo fame - return with their second full length album. 12 tracks of horror graveyard stompin' blues trash. Bluespunk meets Surfrock, Cramps meet The Milkshakes meet The Trashmen.


Shake It Up And Go-

Trick Or Treat-

Night Terrors-

Graveyard Express-

Breakdown Boogie-

Satan's Twist-

Vampire Love-

Silk Stockings -

Buckles And Chains-

I Won't Let You In-

Dark Clouds Above-

Monster Blues-

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