HUMAN RACE - Negative LP (NEW) (P)

HUMAN RACE - Negative LP (NEW) (P)

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The sizzlin' third slab from these rotten degenerates from Rome. Human Race pukes out street level rock'n'roll with a fuck all attitude and hooks galore. The band's sound is a molotov concoction of piercing late '70s/early '80s three chord punk with jackhammer-leads, buzzing bouncy riffs and a snotty, spite filled singer thats ready to vent. The same lethal combination previously worked out spectacular for rabid first wavers such as Eater, The Kids, PVC, PF Commando and The Vibrators.



A2-Useless Future-

A3-I Don't Mind-

A4-Black Space-

A5-Back With The Boys-

B1-My Gang-


B3-We Don't Exist-

B4-Addicted To You-

B5-New World-

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