ASHERTON, JOHAN - God's Clown CD (NEW) (M)

ASHERTON, JOHAN - God's Clown CD (NEW) (M)

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The record label "POP THE BALLOON" STATES IN THEIR PRESS RELEASE .... "The most beautiful songwriter record ever recorded here" ....

A CD-reissue of Johan Asherton's 1988 debut-album 'God's Clown', which received awesome critics when it was first released. This version has been remastered and had 9 extra tracks and comes with a 16 page booklet….

Johan Asherton is a singer song writer from France who had a hit song in France in the 1980s. His music is comparable to Marc Bolan of T.REX and Nick Drake. Very beautiful music


1-From Blenheim Crescent To Cheyne Walk

2-La Vie De Château

3-Look Like Death (Song To Charlene)

4-God's Clown


6-Touch The Leper

7-A Gift From Above

8-Across The Corridors Of Love

9-Sally Was No Angel

10-I Love The Rain

11-The Visit

12-Look Like Death (Song To Charlene)

13-The Garden Party

14-A Gift From Above

15-From Blenheim Crescent To Cheyne Walk

16-Touch The Leper

17-God's Clown

18-La Vie De Château

19-A Gift From Above

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