JOHNNY KNIFE & HIS RIPPERS - Sinister Street - CD (NEW) (P)

JOHNNY KNIFE & HIS RIPPERS - Sinister Street - CD (NEW) (P)

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Johnny Knife and the Rippers are a Norwegian-German band project that was initiated by John Sindre Lynghaug, who has played with Rebels Revenge, in 2009. After two German musicians who are also well-known in the Teddyboy scene - Christian Hochmuth (Town Rebels) and Sven Schürmann (Foggy Mountain Rockers) had joined the project, the guys recorded the tracks for this album in Germany and Norway in 2009/2010. The album was released in 2012. On the CD the band delivers powerful, stomping Teddyboy Rock 'n' Roll. If you like the sound of Rebels Revenge, Town Rebels or Foggy Mountain Rockers, you will like this CD as well.


1-Teddy Boy Vibe-

2-Heads Or Tale-

3-Break Up Today-


5-My Old Man Is A Square-

6-Be Bop Teddy Girl-

7-Mysterious Night-

8-Jack The Ripper-

9-Dont Take Your Love From Me-

10-Riot At Leister Square-

11-Fiddler On The Roof-

12-Texas Calls You Home-

13-Sinister Street-

14-Gonna Type A Letter-

15-Pankee Belle-

16-Saturday Night At The Duckpond-

17-At The Ace-

18-London Rocker-

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