KING JARTUR & HIS LORDS - Summer Fun EP 7" + P/S (NEW) (M)

KING JARTUR & HIS LORDS - Summer Fun EP 7" + P/S (NEW) (M)

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Our lord and his brave knights are back!

Their vinyl heroic deeds are worldwide known: two heartfelt tributes to their pop & garage heroes released as 45s by Tryptic & Bickerton some years ago (both sold out now) and a fantastic first album “Ah de la Almena!!” in 2015 that placed them among Spanish top bands if you're talking about frat-rock, garage and surf-pop.
But the party can't stop so King Jartur & His Lords have decided to charge against boredom and give us the perfect soundtrack for the fortcoming summertime. They fit themselves in their coats of mail, changed their horses for surf boards and here they are again.
The band from Toledo give us four new surf-pop hits, three self-penned compositions plus an ace cover of the timeless classic “Anywhere The Girls Are”. Pure ambrosia for beach sounds fans in a killer artwork by Roberto Argüelles.

This 45 is a co-edition between Roctopus Tea Party Rds (the band's new label) and Bickerton Records.


-1.-Summer Fun-

-2.-Volcano Castle--


-4.-Anywhere The Girls Are --

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