MOONSTONES, THE - Fuzz, Farfisa Y Fiesta CD (NEW) (M)

MOONSTONES, THE - Fuzz, Farfisa Y Fiesta CD (NEW) (M)

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Considered to be one of the most promising bands of the Spanish Garage scene at the moment, THE MOONSTONES now issue their very first and long-awaited LP on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS (Germany) and the CD version on OFF THE HIP RECORDS.

THE MOONSTONES are influenced by bands such as THE MIRACLE WORKERS, THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS or THE SONICS and produce correspondingly superb music. The title of their debut album FUZZ, FARFISA Y FIESTA already says what they are all about: Rocking music filled with a lot of Fuzz guitar, 60's farfisa organ and a crazy party attitude; all of which is set in Spain. This album is Garage Rock at its best; brilliant melodies, groovy hammondsounds, wild and fuzzy guitars, a strong, mainly
Spanish singing Punkrock voice, a bit of harmonica, danceable rhythms and a cool Beat all add up to a wild and fabulous Garage-album with a touch of Spanish ambience.

FUZZ, FARFISA Y FIESTA consists of 14 ingenious songs performed by this quintet from Madrid and except for one cover of THEE MILKSHAKES' song "I'll use evil", which is sung in Spanish, they are also written by THE MOONSTONES themselves.

Recorded in the famous Circo Perrotti Studios this LP provides us with an authentic mixture of Garage, Punk and R&B and is consequently just perfect for everyGaragepunk, 60's freak and anyone, who loves good music.​



A2-Seras Mia-

A3-Me Marchare-

A4-Unconditional Love-


A6-Wake Up-

A7-Todo Acabó-

B1-Fuzz, Farfisa Y Fiesta-

B2-Something Cooking-

B3-Malo Para Ti-

B4-Te Mordere-



B7-How Much-

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