NUMBER 9 BLACKTOPS, THE - Cool On My Right - CD (NEW) (P)

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Skinny Jim and the No.9 Blacktops take a sideways step, with a less straight-rockabilly influenced album in Cool On My Right.

Totally rockin', but with more power this time around - their nitro fueled Rock 'n' Roll now shows elements of Jason & The Scorchers style Country-Punk, early Jason & The Scorchers, The Supersuckers, and some Surf too. There are a couple of great instrumentals in here too, which go somewhere to showing off what at great guitarist (Gretsch endorsed) Skinny Jim Rotramel really is. 


1-Steel Belteo Radials-



4-Big Rig-

5-Monster Truck Takeover-

6-Frankfort Avenue-

7-Queen Of Hearts-

8-Rock'n'Roll Band-

9-Come On Already-

10-Out Of Sin-


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