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Persian Claws’ debut self-titled LP — yup, vinyl! — is a much-appreciated reminder that rock and roll is alive and well in Burlington. Penned and performed by Mullins and vocalist Deborah Troiano, the record is a blistering, vintage fusion of punk, rockabilly, garage and surf, and it’s one of the finest local records in years, rock or otherwise.

For her part, Troiano is an understated front woman who succeeds more on sly, insistent cool than in-your-face punk snarl. She proves an able balance to Mullins’ maelstrom of shake and stomp throughout. As for the ace guitarist himself, he plays all the instruments on the record and provides decent backing vocals to boot.

Persian Claws aren’t as ragged as fellow garage-surf revivalists Shannon and the Clams or Beach Day, two bands that rely on sloppy punk charm to evoke a skewed, surf-y nostalgia. That’s probably because neither of those bands boasts a guitarist of Mullins’ caliber. Rather, the Claws are a sharp outfit whose musicality matches their infectious energy. As he’s long done with his own surf band, Barbacoa, Mullins can sling a Dick Dale-worthy riff with the best of ’em. And Troiano coos, hoots and sometimes howls with equal aplomb. The result is about as perfect a summertime record as you’ll find.


A1-Move Through Time-

A2-Clever Way To Crawl-


A4-Warm Chills-

A5-You're Gonna Leave-


B2-Dirty Knees-


B4-Mysterious Mystery-

B5-Yours Sincerely-

B6-Weeping Willow-

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