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NEW RELEASE ON "SPIT RECORDS".... Formed in Belfast in 1985 the band were Des Potter - Vocals, Mike Scott - Keyboards, John Guilar - Guitar, Rodney McKinney - Bass and Brian Murray on Drums. Heavily influenced by the likes of The Mission, The Damned & Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Rose Garden had a very gothic vibe with instantly recognisably vocals, provided by ex Stage B guitarist Des Potter. The band worked hard to create a unique musical style which no one else was doing in Belfast at the time. The bands’ focus was writing and producing their own material and three superb tracks were recorded at Level 1 Studio in Newtownards in 1998. CBS Records expressed interest in the band, after playing support to New Model Army, however, no contract was ever signed. High profile support slots to the likes of New Model Army followed.

The band were managed by local blues legend Rab Braniff and indeed he had wanted the boys to go to America for a six week tour, but in the end that never materialised. Several other excellent demos were recorded, however, towards the end on 1998 the band were done and dusted, although all five members have all continued to play in various different bands to the present day. John Guilar has been playing in StormTree for the past decade, where he sings, plays guitar and composes. Initially a 6 piece, now streamlined to a 3 piece. Their debut album ‘Unchained’ came out in 2015 and a follow up is eagerly expected very soon.

R.I.P. The Rose Garden.

In 2021 Spit Records gathered together all their 80's studio recordings and gave them their first official release. Only 100 copies of this LIMITED EDITION CD were pressed.




3--The Cradle


5--New Day


7--The Sun And The Rain

8--Chicago (City Of Dreams)