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BIN LINER RECORDS are pleased to be finally releasing the long lost recordings from one of London's most over looked PUNK bands....... 

Active from August 1982 to May 1985, The Syphletix were a London based punk band in the classic UK82 mold. They played regular gigs in and around London supporting the likes of the UK Subs, Urban Dogs, Conflict, The Subhumans, Hagar The Womb and The Business.

In July 1983 they recorded 4 tracks intended for a self financed EP but money was tight and it was never released.

In 1984 they recorded their entire set for a proposed album release but again it didn't come to pass.

This vinyl release contains both the album and EP remastered from the original tapes. The cd version adds all of their other demos and is their entire studio recorded output. Hailed in some quarters as a 'lost classic' now is your chance to grab this missing piece of London punk history!


Intro/You're A Syphletic

Night Of Hate

3 Million (A Generation On The Dole)





What Price Anarchy? What Price Peace?

Daily News


Wasted Lives

Return Of The Ripper

You're A Syphletic (83 Version)

3 For A Quid

1984 (83 Version)

Heroes (82 Version)

Night Of Hate (82 Version)

3 Million (A Generation On The Dole) (82 Version)

(I’ll Have A) Packet Of 3 (John) (82 Version)

Overdose (82 Version)

Abortion Or Suicide? (82 Version)

Religion (83 Version)

I.D. Parade

White Priest On Dope

No Publicity


Abortion Or Suicide? (83 Version)


Night Of Hate (84 Version)

1984 (84 Version)

3 Million (A Generation On The Dole) (84 Version)

Wasted Lives (84 Version)


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