V/A - Bored Teenagers Vol. 9 LP (NEW)

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Customer ratings for V/A - Bored Teenagers Vol. 9 LP (NEW)

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from on 11/11/2016
I love all parts of the Bored Teenagers series, but I think Vol.9 is one of the best, if not the best one! All songs are absolutely fantastic, there is not a single weak song on the record. I would say, this volume is a little bit "punkier" than some of the other Bored Teenagers records, there is no powerpop or mod stuff on Vol.9 (I like powerpop/mod, but I personally always preferred the rawer/punkier stuff). Nearly all songs on this record are incredible catchy - simply listen to the FU2- or the Crabs-songs, and you will know what I mean. To make things short: Everybody who likes 77-Punk from the UK needs this record! Thanks to Detour / Bin Liner for diggin out all these great songs - you made another aging punkrocker very happy!

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