THUNDER ROADS - Thunder City Burning LP (NEW) (P)

THUNDER ROADS - Thunder City Burning LP (NEW) (P)

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Thunderroads- Thunder City Burning LP. Tokyo’s Thunderroads are one of the few current bands to truly embody the spirit of early 70's Motor City Rock ‘n Roll. And on their debut album Thunderroads yield a similar high-energy, riff Rockin’ electricity when they plug into the raw, rowdy sounds of the Motor City and let it rip. ‘Thunder City Burning’ is a rapid-fire barrage of roaring, high-voltage guitars that sounds like a crash‘n burn mix of the Stooges, Sonic's Rendezvous Band and the MC5 hot-wired through the primal, raunch of mid - late 70's trailblazers like Radio Birdman, the Dead Boys, Kiss and the Ramones. They throw in nods to Power Pop and Proto Punk here and there; but at the core it’s all guitars blazing, souped up Rock ‘n Roll backed by a supercharged, driving rhythm section set to full speed go . Songs like “Dead Emotion”, “Do You Love Rock ‘n Roll” and “Sword, Guitar & Chainsaw” bleed ferocity, and the album couldn’t close with a more fitting tune than “Detroit Blood”. A balls out, Punk Rockin’, riff destroyer that tells you everything you need to know about this scorching band from Japan. Deluxe packaging on this release too. The album includes a super slick looking gloss-varnished record cover and the LP comes securely housed in a beefy printed inner dust sleeve showcasing the bands lyrics with additional Thunderroads live action photos as well.


A1-Last Day

A2-Brave Soul

A3-Dead Emotion

A4-Saturday Night Rock 'n Roll

A5-Coup D'etat Virus

B1-Sword Guitar & Chainsaw

B2-R.I.P. (Baby I Hate You)

B3-Bakuon Kankaku

B4-Do You Love Rock 'n Roll?

B5-Detroit Blood

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