V/A - Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils...Vol. 3 LP (NEW) (M)

V/A - Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils...Vol. 3 LP (NEW) (M)

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FOR ALL YER 60S GARAGE BEAT LOVERS.... The Pebbles or Chocolate Soup for Diabetics of Sweden. Great selection of rare tracks from swedish 1968-1975 freakbeat, psychpop, garage progressive etc. Supercool laminated sleeve and innersleeve with extensive trackinformation and pictures.


1. Scorpion - Sagitarius

2. Uppåt Väggarna- Jag hatar politik

3. Match - Sympathy For The Devil

4. Red, White & Blues - Last Train To Georgia

5. Björn Famne- Vampire

6. Fruit- Eye Of The Raven

7. Candle-In A Vision

8. Harambee - Tu-Ru-Tu

9. East-West - Mr. Soul

10.Drugs - Love Love Love

11. New Creation - He Is There

12. Atlantic Ocean - Would You Believe It

13.Harambee -Birgitta

14.The Junk´s and the Angels - The Message

15. After Life -Help Me

16. Zane - Step Aside

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