YESTERDAY'S THOUGHTS, THE - Let's Take A Ride With ... CD (NEW) (M)

YESTERDAY'S THOUGHTS, THE - Let's Take A Ride With ... CD (NEW) (M)

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Very nice neo-sixties-garage-psych from this greek band. 15 tracks deeply influenced by Electric Prunes and other sixties psychedelic heroes. Great tremolo- and fuzz-guitars, pumpin' beats, cooool vocals, nice Farfisa-organ and trippy instrumental-parts. Fits perfectly with The Magnificent Brotherhood and The Subcandies! Two tracks arranged by Sky Sunlight Saxon! Great album!!!



2-Wasting My Time

3-Walking To Your Grave

4-So Scary

5-Land Beyond The Moon

6-I Can't Take It

7-If I Had Some Marijuana

8-They Say

9-Yesterday's Thoughts

10-What Can I Do

11-Love Me

12-Ball And Chains

13-Let's Take A Ride

14-Someday You're Gonna Find

15-Build Yourself An Aero Plane

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